Wish For Just One or Two Great Wedding Gifts

Getting married soon and have enough stuff? Set up a campaign today to wish for a honeymoon or one or two memorable gifts that are well beyond what you would expect one guest to buy.

See how Catherine and Niall raised funds for their photography costs with the help of One Great Gift..

You can either set up a campaign for a single large item such as a contribution to the cost of your honeymoon or you can set up a wishing well.

For a single item click on the Submit a Campaign button or  to set up a wishing well click on the Start A Wishing Well button . Once the wishing well is set up you can then add gifts and invite people to contribute

Wedding Gifts Are The Perfect Excuse To Friend Fund!

Wedding Gifts are something you want the bride and groom to love. Whether you’re the bride and groom like Catherine and Niall above who ask friends and family to collect for a special item or you’re a guest looking to give something special, we can help.

Many couples getting married today already have a home together or are combining their worldly goods. They rarely need a toaster! Wedding lists often include high sale items that on your own would be too expensive. You want your gift to be special and giving just 3 or 4 plates from an expensive dinner service doesn’t feel enough.

Collect with friends and family to give the happy couple exactly what they REALLY want. From a TV to a spa honeymoon the options are way more exciting and your gift will be truly remembered.

It’s simple to do. Decide on any amount you’d love to collect for the happy couple and then share the link, we provide for you, with friends and family. You can keep your campaign completely hidden so the bride and groom have no idea you are planning one great gift.

Once you’ve collected the amount we’ll send you the money. You’ll know exactly who has contributed and the power of the combined dollar will mean a truly special wedding gift.

We’ve helped couples receive new carpets, stereos, out-of-this-world honeymoons and helicopter rides. From once-in-a-lifetime experiences to practical high sale home goods One Great Gift makes dreams come true.

The process is simple, transparent and safe. Together you’ll be giving wedding gifts that will always be remembered and treasured..

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