Special Promotion - Be one of the first 10 people this month to set up a campaign for a Stag or Hen Party and pay no fees for using One Great Gift to collect the money from your friends

Hen & Stag Parties

We take the hassle out of gathering money from party goers – letting you all have a great time.

Hen & stag parties are special events. From one night on the tiles to an action packed week away there are many ways to celebrate and spend time with your favourite people.

For the organiser nominated to pass the hat around though it can be hard work. Chasing payments and having to pay for bookings themselves. Let us do the collecting of money for you so that you can all relax and enjoy the build-up and celebrations.

One Great Gift ensures collecting money from friends is easy, safe and completely transparent.  Setting up a new ‘collection’ or campaign takes just couple of minutes. You then simply share the link, we give you, with everyone you want to invite to the stag or hen party.

At any one time you’ll easily see who has paid and how much you’ve collected. It’s a really good way if you want to treat the bride or groom as they won’t see any of this.  You could all easily decide to share a portion of their costs as a surprise.

To get started all you need to do is decide what the special party looks like and how much it will cost for each person. The money can be collected for anything. You’ll be paying the venues direct. We provide a simple way to collect finds so it’s super easy and transparent for everyone.

Once you’ve decided click here. Fill in the form to share the time and place for the event and how much each person needs to pay. Once you submit the form you can then invite your friends to make their payments by visiting the page. You’ll even get the chance to ask for suggestions on how to make the party “memorable”.

Once the funds are collected from everyone, we transfer them to the organisers bank account so you can pay for the celebrations planned.

Time to enjoy!

Some suggestions of popular ideas

Paint Ball Stag Party


Bungy Jump Experience


Dolphin Cruise & Swim


River Rafting Experience


Stunt Driving Experience


Holden V8 Driving Fun


Clay Shooting Party


Sailing Dinner Cruise


Start A Wedding Gift Campaign

As well as getting the help of One Great Gift to collect the funds for your Stag or Hen Party the bride and groom can also set up a campaign for a special wedding gift that guests can contribute to.

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