One Great Gift is the safe and easy way to collect money from a group of friends or family when you want to jointly give one ‘great’ present or experience. Funding together a great honeymoon or major piece of furniture or technology, that you simply couldn’t afford on your own, will mean the world.

Our site also helps you easily pay your share of the cost of an event or trip, being organised as a group.  Perfect for those stag and hen weekends away.

Think of it as ‘Friends funding’ instead of crowd funding!

No one needs more socks or a new toaster. Together with your friends you can give bigger, better gifts and experiences. Plan trips away and make it super easy to collect the money in one place.

Collect together – share together – enjoy together.

If you’re the organiser of a trip or event you’ll know how hard it is to collect the money, remember who’s paid and have to keep chasing everyone. One Great Gift makes it super easy to see exactly who has paid and how much you’ve collected at any one time.

You may all choose to collect money and give that as a great gift. Once your ‘Campaign objective’ has been reached eg you’ve saved $200 together, the money is simply sent to one pre-agreed account for you all to buy one great gift, pay for a trip or experience or as a monetary present.

One Great Gift makes collecting money transparent, easy and safe for everyone. It’s super simple to invite friends and family to contribute to a collection as each campaign is given a unique link you can quickly share.

Current Campaigns

Head over to our Campaign page to see some ways friends are collecting together. Everything from book shelves to ski trips.

To get started we suggest you watch the video below to find out how to set up a campaign. If you already have a gift  or value to collect in mind, click here to quickly get your own  New Campaign set-up. If you’re looking for some gift inspiration go to our Gift Ideas page.


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