Getting Started Is Easy With One Great Gift

Whether  you already have a gift in mind or are looking for ideas collecting money from a group is safe and easy with One Great Gift

 If you already have a gift in mind click on the New Campaign tab and add a photo of the gift and a message to go with it. We also recommend that you add a short video as this adds interest in the campaign. You can choose to have the campaign private so only invited people can see it or you can make it public. You can also set a specific target or leave the amount open by setting the target to $0.00 . If you choose a specific target you can either set it to run to the end date or close once the target is reached.

Another favourite is to buy the person a Gift Voucher from the selection on our Gift Voucher page and only pay the added cost of the 3% bank fee.

If you need more help we suggest you watch the video on our How It Works page..

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