How does One Great Gift (OGG) Work?

OGG makes funding a group gift simple.

First: Once logged into OGG you get to create your group gift campaign. Select a gift from within the website or bring in your own idea. With the details completed, submit to OGG for review – You will receive a confirmation email from OGG when the campaign begins.

Then: Broadcast to your friends, family and network to invite those most likely to contribute.

Finally: Either a voucher is supplied for the successful group gift, or the raised funds are deposited into the nominated account of the campaign organiser.


Q: Who can use One Great Gift?

A: Any individual or group looking to give a money contribution towards a group gift. Users will need a credit card or debit card to make a payment.

Q: Once the group gift is funded how long will it take to receive the funds/gift?

A: OGG will endeavor to deposit the raised funds into the nominated account within 2-3 days. Often much sooner but we have no control of the different banking processes and times. Note: if a voucher is the purchased gift then allow a couple of days extra.

Q: I already have a gift in mind – can I create a gift page?

A: Yes! On most pages you are invited to start your own gift page. Here you insert the details of the gift including description, price, image and a link to your supplier’s site.

Q: Can I add a video to my gift page?

A: Yes – the more information you include the greater understanding your friends/family will have.

Q: How many people can contribute to a gift at one time?

A: One or several hundred people can contribute depending on the nature of your campaign and the group invited to contribute. Note: OGG is not a Crowdfunding site, it is a Friend-funding service where only invited guests are asked to contribute.


Q: What happens to my bank and privacy information?

A: One Great Gift uses the external services of Payment Express to facilitate the payment process. This gives you peace of mind knowing that OGG does not have access to or retains any private financial information.

Q: How secure is this site:

A: As the primary function of the OGG site is funds collection and payment, it is critical that our site is as secure as is possible. The site has https:// security on login and uses the secure payment system Payment Express


Q: What if we don’t reach our goal amount?

A: Campaigns that fail to reach the target (including fees if applicable) will be suspended whilst we liaise with the organiser to determine if a) a lesser amount is acceptable b) others may want to top up the fund to succeed c) re-list the campaign or d) should this campaign be closed. We want to help the organiser achieve a successful campaign.

Q: What happens if we exceed our goal amount?

A: The payment to the organiser/supplier will be increased to reflect the increase of funds received. Where necessary the original gift and cash payment of the additional funds will be made to the nominated account less the OGG administrative charges and bank fees based on the total amount raised.

Q: What is the bank fee and admin fee for?

A: The bank fee is the fee charged by the payment company for facilitating a payment. The admin fee is the fee charged by OGG to manage the group contributions to a nominated campaign. Check out the OGG site for gifts that do not have Admin fees – generally experiences and promotional products.

Q: Is there a maximum value of a great gift?

A: No. Depending on the campaign the total value can be up to several thousand dollars. Each campaign is reviewed by us before it is published and we reserve the right to decline any campaign for any reason.

Q: Can I have several campaigns running at the same time?

A: Yes you can have several campaigns running at any one time. Each campaign is a separate activity.

Making Changes:

Q: What if I want to change the amount or other details once the campaign has started?

A:If you are the campaign organiser you are able to change/update some of the details such as description, images and media. However to change the end date or amount you will need to contact us at: .

Please email if you have any other questions.