Group Gifting – It’s Friend Funding Not Crowd Funding!

One Great Gift is the ultimate group gifting site.  It’s the easy way to collect money from your friends.

Perfect for collecting for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, stag parties and hen parties, kids party gifts, baby showers and lots more.

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A Gift for A Honeymoon in Queenstown
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A leaving gift for Jen and Dean
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In Remembrance Of Sam Zarifeh
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Flat Cooling Party Tickets
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Tramping Pack for Joella

Group gifting - the easy way to collect funds for celebrations with your friends

Group Gifting Made easy.  Find out how you can use One Great Gift to collect for a special wedding or birthday gift or use it to collect money from a group going to an event.

Collect for a special gift

Contribute to a memorable wedding gift 

Collect funds for a celebration

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How It Works

Group Gifting The Easy Way With One Great Gift

There are plenty of ways to use One Great Gift
Here are some examples.


Giving a gift is a special way of showing you care. We make it easy to join with your friends and give a memorable gift.


A fun experience such as skiing, skydiving or bungee jumping makes an awesome gift. Even better when shared with friends.


The easy way to collect money from your friends
for a fun event


Let One Great Gift remove the hassle. Set up a campaign for one gift instead of the getting lots of small gifts.


Whether it's a well deserved gift for a great coach; getting funds together for the end of season trip or a fun night out, we can help.


There's always someone in our life we can say thank you to. Why not say 'thank you' as a group?


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